Very Small Beginnings and self Realization

Once I got my official business license from the state of Virginia I was a mixture of things: Elated, Nauseous, More elation!… more nausea. I also felt like I was falling off a cliff into a sea of financial opportunity. Things could go two ways: REALLY FREAKING AWESOME… or REALLY FREAKING BAD! 

One of the first things I did was identify dangerous weaknesses within myself. 

  1. Starting but not finishing things
  2. Procrastination
  3. Over analyzing

Lets go into detail….

#1 I have had this issue for as long as I can remember. It has kick me in the tush so many times. Now that Im a young adult Im learning that it can have grave consequences. By the grace of God I have not ran into any legal issues because of this bad habit. But I know i have missed out on some financial opportunities because of it. I could have had thousands of dollars in my savings if I would have only followed through with a dew things. What I have done to rectify this issue is taking on small attainable tasks one at a time. So that way I know I finish things and I accomplish more without setting myself back to far.

#2 PROCRASTINATION! well that one should speak for itself. Even though I can be a highly functional individual, I can also be a lazy individual sometimes and Im actively working on it. How? I dedicate “Lazy Time” to myself. It helps tremendously. If I “Gift” myself with hours or a day or two to just be lazy, then I procrastinate less because I feel like I got it out of my system. Works for me!

#3 Aren’t we all guilty of talking ourselves out of difficult tasks? I know I am. Best believe on 5 October there were a million negative thoughts going through my mind. But you know I have to have a coming to Jesus with ME! I identified that I will fail a  few times because thats what happens in business. I reaffirmed the point that Im not a fortune teller. Im only going forwards in time. I don’t know my full potential unless I  just go for it!


Hopefully I get a desk very soon, but for now this is my very humble home office! The floor is my luxury executive leather seat for now!




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